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Tiffany Table Lamps 6 to 12 inch

This page displays all the table lamps with widths of between 6 to 12 inches.
Nothing else comes close to the retro elegance of Tiffany lamps and their appeal remains as strong today as it ever was. Well over a hundred years have passed since their debut and Tiffany is now instantly recognisable for its unique use of colours and styles, and can be found in homes all over the world. Tiffany lamps benefit from being able to complement almost any type of room - from a traditional Victorian décor to a more modern, contemporary style. The addition of Tiffany in any room brings a soft and welcoming light that accentuates the existing colours in your home and adds warmth to the living room, hallway, kitchen or bedroom.All our Tiffany lamps have been constructed to the highest standards - and the shades themselves are handmade using traditional stained glass techniques. Each shade is designed and then appropriate shapes of coloured glass are cut, before being painstakingly assembled using authentic hand soldering methods. This commitment to quality is obvious throughout our choice of Tiffany lamps and we offer a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from symmetric patterns in warm autumnal colours or opt for one of our nature-inspired designs that feature delicate flowers, dragonflies or something a little more abstract. Our Tiffany lamps include free standard shipping and we pack each one very securely to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. Order now and we’ll dispatch your new Tiffany lamp the same day.