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It’s well known in interior design that choosing the right lighting can make or break a room, but when you choose Tiffany lighting you know that you’ll get it right every time. Tiffany lights have beautiful and distinct Art Nouveau designs which effortlessly fit into any style of interior.  They are easily recognisable by their brightly coloured, stunning, stained glass lamp shades and elegant overall appearance.  Tiffany lamps are captivatingly beautiful and will make a prominent and captivating feature in any room in your home.

What are Tiffany Lights?
First invented by the American designer Louis Comfort Tiffany in the 19th century, Tiffany lamps have withstood the test of time by remaining versatile and popular since they were first produced, proving them to be completely timeless pieces and valuable investments. Each light sold at the Tiffany Lighting Company has been individually handmade using stained glass to create unique and eye-catching designs.  Hours of careful craftsmanship have gone into each and every lamp that we sell, and we carefully review every new product to ensure that they meet our high standards in terms of quality and design. 
Tiffany lights come in a range of different styles, sizes and colours, each design as elegant and stylish as the last.  Whether you’re looking for Tiffany table lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lights or floor lamps you’ll find a striking Tiffany lamp that will fit right into your home no matter what the style of your interior.


When you shop at the Tiffany Lighting Company you can guarantee that the lighting that you buy will always be unique and luxurious and yet still affordably priced. Tiffany lamps are stylish investments for the future; their designs are completely ageless meaning that they will remain in your family for many years to come.

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