Types of Tiffany Lamps and the rooms that deserve them

The first tiffany lamp was created in the 1890s and although not the original designer, the most popular designer of the Tiffany Lamps was Louis Comfort Tiffany. Tiffany lamps were created specifically to add style, beauty and originality to any room it occupies. Over the years there has been a variety of shapes, shades, sizes, designs and categories of Tiffany lamps. The various styles and designs of these lamps mean that there is always a place for a Tiffany in every part of your home; you just have to choose the right one. This piece focuses on the different types of Tiffany lamps and the rooms of a home in which they are best suited. The most popular types of Tiffany Lamps are the Floor lamp, Desk Lamp, Hanging Shade Lamp, Wall Sconce Lamp, Table Lamp and Chandelier Lamp.

Tiffany Floor Lamps

The Tiffany Floor lamps are normally a standard styled lamp with a downward facing shade sitting on top. When lit, it projects light downwards giving the room it occupies a flood of glowing light and because of the multi-coloured shade. It also produces an illuminated style sparkle with contrasts of different colours and shapes depending on the style of individually cut glass that attracts the eye when it bounces off surrounding lights.

A Tiffany floor lamp is best situated in the living room or living area of your home as a complement to the standard ceiling light. Ideally, it’d be in the corner of the room leaving enough space between the walls for the glow being illuminated to be bounced off the walls and create a calm and relaxing allure. This lamp would not serve as an alternative to your customary lights, rather it’ll come in useful when you want to create a ‘chill out’ atmosphere, its right in the middle of being overdone by the brightness of the ceiling lights or underdone by the darkness of having no lights.

Tiffany Desk Lamps

Tiffany Desk Lamps are probably the most popular of all Tiffany Lamps, when lit its beauty and uniqueness is a thing of beauty and eloquence to the owner. Similar to the floor lamp it also features a shade that faces downward, bear in mind that the primary use of the Tiffany Desk Lamp is not to project light into the room like a standard table lamp but rather it serves as a perfect background lighting with the shade and light illumination being the attraction to most people. Another distinguish feature of the desk lamp is its resin, cast iron or brass bass with a wide variety of finishes.

These lamps are best situated on the desk or table top of a home library or reading room. As was mentioned earlier this lamp is not intended to serve as a replacement for lighting in a room but rather as a feature of the room as an attractive feature of the room itself. The Tiffany Desk Lamp is also perfect for a bedside table for a quick read before bed.

Hanging Shade and Chandelier Tiffany Lamps

The Tiffany Hanging Shade and Chandelier lights both serve as overhead pendant, they are mounted or hung on the ceiling and depending on size are made to hang low to properly illuminate the room. As the main source of lighting in the room, the shade can face either up or down depending on what part of the house if is fitted in. If the shade is facing upwards then there’ll be little to no shine downwards, instead, it will bounce off the ceilings which then gives the room a sort of warm glow.

Hanging lights of any kind are normally stylish and dramatic statements in a room for added personality. However, because it is an overhead lighting fixture it has to serve both of its intended functions; first as a lighting fixture and secondly as part of the design of the room. Ideally, a low hanging fixture would be best suited in a dining room directly above the table. It is also worth remembering that the lower the pendant is the less room there is for the light to spread around the room.

Tiffany Wall Sconce

Tiffany Wall Sconce comes in a variety of designs, sizes and colours which make them ideal for any room in your house or office. As well as serving their ultimate function as lighting up a room, it can also serve as part of your wall decoration to compliment the atmosphere in the room. This is probably the only lighting that’ll look good in any room or setting; it can either blend into the background or stand out depending on the style, colour and size of the lamp and the room it occupies.

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0800 6809901 or send us an email on thetiffanylightingco@live.com

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