Why a Tiffany lamp is the perfect gift

If you’re struggling to think of a gift for a family member or close friend, the Tiffany lamp has a number of qualities that make it the perfect present.


There’s no doubting the elegance of a Tiffany lamp. The array of styles and colours they use are just beautiful, and given their Art Nouveau design origins, they are super stylish and timeless too.


Tiffany lamps are a luxury option for lighting a room. They haven’t changed their basic appearance for over a hundred years which is saying a lot about the traditional design, which has been and evidently still is, highly sought after.


Every Tiffany lamp brings a little bit of history into a home. The first Tiffany lamp was created in around 1895 by Louis Comfort Tiffany, an artist and designer mostly associated with the Art Nouveau movement. Any person who wasn’t already interested in history will certainly become more curious once they’ve got a Tiffany lamp!


Given the wide range of styles to choose from, from glass-base table lamps to Tiffany figurine lights, as well as the broad variety of colours, Tiffany lamps are incredibly versatile. They can go in any room in a house, on top or next to any type of furniture. The rooms don’t even have to have a 1920s feel because the lamps have the ability to suit any atmosphere, and in fact, make any atmosphere.

Talking point

Whatever style of Tiffany lamp you buy, it can easily become the focal point of any room. When you have guests round, even for a short time, there’s no doubt that they will see the Tiffany lamp and want to get one for themselves! They have a huge impact on a room and aid the warm atmosphere that people look for.

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