Choose the Right Lighting and Other Tips to Sell Your House

Getting your home ready for potential buyers, or staging, is a great way to not only sell your house faster, but to potentially add thousands of pounds onto the asking price.

Tread the line between decluttering and depersonalising

Potential buyers need to be able to envisage themselves living in your house and making it their home.

  • Get rid of your excess clutter by giving it away to friends or donating it. Make sure every nook and cranny is decluttered.
  • Don’t go too far the other way and make your house look like a generic hotel, so leave some personality. If your potential buyers have a small imagination, they’ll be able to see the property as their home far more easily.
  • Show prospective buyers the attractive side of your lifestyle, people will be buying this just as much as the property.
  • Replace bulky furniture with smaller pieces to make the room appear larger.

Paint the walls

By painting the walls a neutral colour, such as magnolia, your home will seem lighter and bigger. It’ll also help buyers think about how they’d paint the rooms.

If you need to, give your front door a fresh layer of paint for a good first impression.

Update your kitchen

  • Per square foot, the kitchen is the most valuable room in any house and a good kitchen can make all the difference to your ability to sell your home.
  • Just as effective and far cheaper than replacing your kitchen cabinets, is simply refacing them.
  • You can add serious value by upgrading your counter tops, but it is expensive.
  • Remove any bulky kitchen appliances and declutter your kitchen surfaces. Just leave a bowl of fresh fruit out.
  • You may want to upgrade the plumbing and white goods in your kitchen, but this can be risky. It’ll help to sell your home faster, but you’ll most likely not recoup the value.

Make your home light and airy

  • Ensure that all your windows have been cleaned on the inside and outside, and make sure all your light bulbs work. This is another way to make your rooms seem bigger and lighter, thus making your home more attractive to potential buyers.
  • If you have any dark corners, a beautiful lamp will provide extra light and feed into selling an attractive lifestyle.
  • A gentle lamp in the bathroom can offer a luxurious, comforting and welcoming glow.
  • Consider putting mirrors in hallways and smaller rooms to make them look bigger and lighter.

Make your home smell good

Good smells can make a house quickly turn into an alluring home. Baking bread, brownies or cakes is the classic example used, but polish, fresh bed linen, a gentle scent of essential oils are all going to make your property much more attractive to potential buyers. If you’re short for time, simply brew some fresh coffee.

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