How to Lighten Up the Dark Rooms in Your Home

Dark rooms can be to blame for feeling stressed, tired or being in a generally bad mood. It’s a well known fact that people feel and act better in a home with ample natural light, even if this is amplified through natural decor. There are ways to bring light into even the darkest of your home’s rooms. Sometimes you can add more actual sunlight, and sometimes you’ll have to use home decor as a way to enhance your home.

Assess your home

Probably before anything else, you should walk through your home to figure out the dark spaces, and why they’re dark. If you’ve lived in your home for a while, the chances are you’ll be used to the dark areas, so you’ll have to take your time and figure out why certain areas if your house are so dark.

It could be that your windows simply aren’t bringing in enough light, due to their direction or size, your walls are painted too dark, or corners of your house are taken up by dark, bulky furniture. Either way, once you figure out why your home is too dark, you can then figure out a way to solve it.

Make use of white and neutral colours

To keep your home feeling light and warm, rich bodied neutrals will keep your home light and welcoming. Colours such as warm rust, camel tan, mushroom grey and espresso brown are all extremely versatile, and will go extremely well with dark wood furniture, floors and doors.

Light up dark ceilings

Many modern homes make use of wood panelled ceilings or dark paint to create a dramatic mood. By using can lights, or recessed lighting features, you can vastly brighten up your room without ruining the effect of a dramatic ceiling. A dimmer switch will provide you with even further control.

Choose the right colour

Redecorating can be extremely satisfying, especially if you have a dream colour scheme in mind, but remember to choose colours that will lighten up your room. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to shy away from dark colours- after all; they add dramatic aesthetics and personality.

Base your colour on the natural light sources available to every room. If a room has lots of natural light and doors, you can use a darker colour. On the other hand, if a room is naturally quite dark, lighter shades will make the room feel brighter and larger.

Using light in a dramatically dark bedroom

A dark and sophisticated bedroom, with co-ordinating bedding, walls and furniture can create a cosy, den-like retreat from the world. To keep up with the dramatic flair of your room, the use of complimentary lighting, such as Tiffany Lamps placed in strategic areas will keep the mood and feel of your bedroom, whilst providing the light you need.

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