How to Hang Tiffany Lighting

The dramatic impact that Tiffany lighting can have on any environment cannot be argued. Indeed, no matter the home decor chosen, this lighting can dramatically enhance the ambiance of any room. The versatility of these gaudy, whimsical, and uniqueness of the lighting has seen them become a mainstay in environmental lighting and decor for hundreds of years.

One of the more common environments to have benefitted from Tiffany lighting are restaurants and bars. Studies have shown that this lighting features a calming effect thanks to their somewhat translucent, multicoloured glass structure. Merging well into a wealth of decor, Tiffany lighting has also been employed to great effect in homes across the UK.

How to Hang Tiffany Lighting

Tiffany hanging lamps are traditionally hung from the ceiling in the centre of the room. Determining the correct height for your hanging lamps is fairly routine task. Each lamp should be hung roughly 28-34 inches above the surface beneath it. This allows for optimal illumination and complete safety.

There are additional factors that may influence how you choose to hang lamp, none more so than the size of the lamp compared to the size of the table underneath. Square tables are relatively easy to centre Tiffany lighting.

If you’ve a rectangular table and are considering installing more than one lamp underneath the table, you may need to consider hanging the lamp a little lower. This will create a more calming effect, but only when the brightness of the bulb doesn’t overwhelm the room. If you’ve a dining table, lamps can be placed slightly higher so as not to overwhelm the space.

Top Tips to Consider

When hanging a Tiffany lamp it’s wise to take a step back. This will afford you a different perspective and decide whether the position is correct or not. Move around the room to see the lamp from different angles, this will allow you to have an accurate perception of the lamp, and how it affects the space.

Tiffany lighting can have a dramatic effect on interior decor, but only if it’s hung correctly. If you’re in any doubt, why not ask the opinion of someone in the know?

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