Home Renovation Tips for spring 2015

The spring months are now upon us. The days are growing longer and warmer, signs of life are emerging, the birds are chirping and everywhere we look we see greenery. For many homeowners spring is a time to redecorate, renovate and revitalise tired areas of the home.

Here are some tips to giving your home a facelift. By investing some time and money, you can have a home that will serve you well throughout the spring and summer months.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. In many homes the kitchen is where families gather to spend time together and enjoy good food. Kitchen renovations are the most costly. However, you needn’t spend a fortune to make the room all the more inviting.

One of the most effective ways to brighten up a tired looking kitchen environment is to give your cupboards a facelift. Why not consider having open looking kitchen cupboards? With good aesthetic values and that favourable rustic appearance, open cupboards are one kitchen design trend that we expect to see more of in 2015.

Those that are considering investing more money in their kitchen renovations, but don’t want to spend fortunes could consider replacing the kitchen countertops. Granite, quartz and marble are expensive options, but most reputable retailers do offer a wealth of colours to choose from.

The Lighting

The right lighting in any home can make all the difference between having inviting rooms and those that look dark and unattractive. If you’ve a home that is clouded in darkness all too often, the right lighting could be just the addition that you need.

You’ll find a wealth of options should you wish to create lighting to heighten the mood. Installing dimming switches and individual lamps to can also serve to highlight areas of the home previously shrouded in darkness. With the start of spring still having darker nights, the addition of strategically positioned lights can be a shrewd investment.

The Exterior

If there is one time of the year to devote to the garden and exterior of the home, it’s springtime. If you’re a green fingered individual, the best time of the year to indulge your hobby is upon you. If you’ve an appreciation for flowers and nature, yet aren’t overly struck on getting on your hands and knees by a planting bed, there are plenty of reputable landscape gardeners to speak to.

If you’re feeling a mite adventurous, why not consider installing exterior lighting – this can add all the difference to summer soirees. Is your home in need of a lick of paint? There is no better time to hire a house painter than the spring months.

These are just a few tips on the home renovations that you can undertake in the spring months. When deciding what you’d like to complete, it’s always wise to have you priorities in order, and to remember any budget.

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