Feng Shui Tiffany Lighting

The purpose of Feng Shui is to create a welcoming atmosphere and live in harmony with one’s own surroundings. The concept isn’t about living in harmony with one’s surroundings but employing a simply and practical guide to environmental decor and design. Feng Shui can be employed in any room be it commercial or domestic.

Tiffany lighting takes the concept of Feng Shui and uses it to create a vibrant illumination effect that’s certain to add that extra depth and decorative element to any room. Creating ambiance and stamping that personal touch on a room, Feng Shui Tiffany lighting has proven to be exceeding popular with consumers the world over.

The Choice of Tiffany Lighting

According to Feng Shui different types of light sources induce different feelings. Multiple light sources across a room allows for optimal visibility. Tiffany lighting is just one of the different lighting options that fulfil your lighting needs.

There are five separate elements in Feng Shui design. These are fire, wood, earth, water and metal. Below we will explore each element in greater detail.

Wood Represents Health and Vitality

Green and brown colours are used to create an inspiring atmosphere. By placing a Tiffany Hanging Head Dragonfly Torchiere you will have the ability to uplift a darker area with a lower ceiling. Areas with much light encourage a flow of positive energy.

Every room has shadowy areas thanks to the inclusion of furniture and soft furnishings, especially those that have been placed in the corners of the room.

Fire Represents Passion and High Energy

If you’d like to add some passion and energy to a room, use red and orange colours in the decor of drapes, rugs, bedspreads and carpets.

Metal Represents Clarity and Precision  

Expressed in white and grey colours, metal has excellent Feng Shui properties and can be employed anywhere in the home. Able to provide a thorough contrast to brighter colours, Tiffany Lighting has provided spotlight features in your room and works effectively with plants and paintings.

Metal can be used as an all-white scheme in certain Feng Shui areas, or as an accent. Tiffany lily white accent lamps are popular with homeowners.

Earth Represents Nourishment and Stability

Yellow and neutral tones with table and floor lamps contribute towards a relaxing an intimate moods inside any room, especially creating a relaxing or intimate mood for any room. A Tiffany Martini Mission table lamp provides mellow lighting.

Water Represents Ease and Abundance

Blue and black colours are used to represent this element. Using Meyda Tiffany lighting in the area is the ideal choice as the glass is symbolic of water.

Using the right colour Tiffany lighting can create an inviting environment for a wealth of different rooms.

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