Colour Trends Of 2015 For Your Home

Although Pantone announced that marsala would be this year’s colour there are a number of other colours to watch out for throughout the year. As we look towards the springtime there are fresh trends that you can mimic in your home. Here at The Tiffany Lighting Company we’ve come up with ways to match our own beautiful lamps to the colour trends of 2015.


colourtrends1Classical blue

Deep shades of blue and classic denim colours will add a bold pop of colour to any room. Depending on how big you want the statement to be, work anything from sofas and rugs to vases and lamps into your home. Our Blue Dragonfly Tiffany Floor Lamp gives an ornamental style whilst the Annecy Wisteria Tiffany Table Lamp is brighter, and will cast a cooling hue across your room.




Pastel pinkscolourtrends2

Spring is the perfect time for pastel colours and where best to start than pinks. This colour doesn’t need to be girly but can be used quite subtly and look lovely. Paired with neutral tones it will give you home a slight touch of colour without stepping outside of your comfort zone. The waterfall effect of our Troyes Wisteria Tiffany Table Light is lovely for any room, but the Bucharest Tiffany Table Lamp is grander.




colourtrends3Neutral greys

Pale grey can be easier incorporated into your home without the drab or dull associations. Think silver and expense when it comes to this tone. Our Winsted Tiffany Table Lamp and the Almeria Tiffany Lighting Table Lamp are both simplistic in design but they will bring elegance to any chosen room, from living room or dining room, to study or bedroom.




Forest greencolourtrends4

Bring things back to nature with a forest green colour. Whether you spruce up your home with a few potted plants or look to homeware, furnishings and ceramics to get the trend, it will breathe life throughout your home. Keep the colouring simple with our Southwark Tiffany Floor Lamp or San Antonio Tiffany Lighting Floor Lamp.




Get more tips on how to fit a Tiffany lamp into your home by looking through the rest of our blog. Here at The Tiffany Lighting Company we take pride in supplying the highest quality lamps to suit all homes and styles. Contact us with any queries.

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