Mood Lighting

There are many factors to consider before buying lighting fixtures for your home. The purpose of the room and the atmosphere you want to create are very much reliant upon the lighting. As interior design becomes increasing popular as a trend, lighting is taking on new forms and roles too. At The Tiffany Lighting Company we’ve come up with three solutions to mood lighting in your home.


Precision Lighting


Certain rooms in your home will demand more of your attention or focus to fulfil tasks. Kitchens in particular require clear and strong lighting so that you can safely prepare and cook food. Study areas as well need a bright source of light to help you concentrate and complete work. White lighting tends to be the best in these circumstances in order to cast the strongest and most natural lighting.


A number of our Tiffany Lamps would suit busy areas of the house such as kitchens and study spaces. In order to get the most from a lampshade, opt for a wall hanging that faces downwards. In terms of colour, one with a neutral colour scheme or single pale colour would provide the best lighting source. OurBordeaux Tiffany Pendant Light is one of our more simple designs making it ideal for these rooms. If you would like a bit more colour, try the pastel tones and design of our Arlington Tiffany Pendant Light.


Ambient Lighting


In order to make a house feel like a home more muted lighting creates an ambient mood. A living room should be one of the main rooms in a home, being the centre of social activity. To make yourselves and your guests feel most at ease, yellow and orange lighting will add a warm touch to a room. It is essential for any room in which you entertain or relax to feel cosy and welcoming.


You can be more experimental with lighting in these places to fit with the design and colour scheme. For a charming old-fashioned design, the gold patterning on our Hampshire Tiffany Pendant Light will bring just the right level of character to a room. Colourful and eclectic designs can also work well such as our floral Normandy Tiffany Pendant Light.


Romantic Lighting


Bedrooms benefit from a different kind of mood lighting once again. The stark clarity of white lighting in kitchens and study areas will completely ruin the mood if it is used in a bedroom too. Using too bright a light hinders relaxation and romance, which are essential within bedrooms. Although lighting used in living spaces can be appropriate for bedrooms as well, we would recommend a warmer colour.


A darker orange or red glow will provide the right mix of relaxation and romance. Dimmer switches can also work well in bedrooms so that you can control the brightness of the room and easily adjust the mood. The rose design of our Redbury Tiffany Pendant Light is classically romantic and will cast the right light in your bedroom. Also our more ornate Samara Tiffany Pendant Light would add a touch of luxury and love to a bedroom.


Have a look at our full collection of ceiling lights to find the right one for your room. We’d love to hear from you if you need advice choosing between our designs at The Tiffany Lighting Company. Read through the rest of our blog for more interior design tips to make your house feel like a home.

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