Lighting Trends From The 80s

The 1980s were alive with music and thriving social economies, bringing new forms of living and entertainment to people across the country. At The Tiffany Lighting Company we’ve looked at lighting from the 60s and 70s but 80s lighting was very different. Progressing on from the bright patterns of those former eras, the 80s was dedicated to neon and flash lighting.


Disco Balls


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Techo and electronic dance music emerged during the 80s with discotheques popping up across the world. Giving people new ways to enjoy music, dance became a key part of the era. The glitz of the 80s is still very much alive today with disco floors and disco balls. The spherical mirrored ball became particularly popular at the time, due to its ability to cast flashing lights across a room. The tiny surfaces would reflect light in all directions as it rotates which provided the classic atmosphere of dance clubs.


LED and Neon Lighting

Although originally invented many years previously, LED and neon lighting became particularly popular during the 80s. The simplistic design of LEDs made them cheap solutions for lighting, from LED lighting strips to string lighting. Neon lighting also became prominent, being mostly used in clubs and bars, or as signs for shop windows and billboards.  Both forms of lighting made bright colours possible which was key to the era due to the dance trends.


Glass Ornaments


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As well as the bright dance lighting, the 80s did see some more ornamental forms of lighting, which are perhaps the most like our Tiffany Lamps then the era’s other lighting trends. Glass lighting took on the form of old-fashioned lanterns or gas lamps. Home décor in the 80s largely tended to be quite muted with drywall textures and neutral colours. Many people opted for angular glass light fixtures with a gold border to add a touch of luxury to a home, whether to hang from the ceiling or as a side lamp.


Metal Lamps

Metal desk lamps became a big lighting trend of the 80s with many inventors designing new shapes for lampshades. Colours were usually kept plain in either red, black, white or silver. The most modern of all of the era’s lighting trends, students wouldn’t be seen without one of these desk lamps, and many homes had larger floor lamps of similar kinds. The classic spotlight lampshade was another prominent feature in many homes, casting an almost pure white light across a room.


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