Lamps of the 60s and 70s

The sixties and seventies became prominent eras for anti-war movements and technological advances. Full of an eclectic mix of culture, literature, and liberalities, home décor took many references from the hippie and tech trends. Although very different, our vast collection of authentic and beautiful Tiffany Lamps at The Tiffany Lighting Company share the bold colours of both modern eras.


Lava Lamps


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Invented by Edward Craven Walker, these novelty lamps were all the craze from the mid 60s through to the 70s. Introducing a completely unique and new form of lighting, the lamps mimicked hallucinogenic visuals that thrived at the time. Showing off the advances with technology, lava lamps were essentially glass bottles filled with wax and oil, with a coil in the metal base. When turned on the coil heats up and the wax bubbles around the oil to create the lava effect. These became popular again in the 90s.


Mod Lamps

The term ‘mod’ directly relates to the 60s and 70s, being used to describe a young person of a subculture who is particularly stylish and has a liking for certain types of music. Mod lamps tended to be quite simplistic in terms of the lampshade but had an interesting design for the stand and base. Geometric and angular shapes, bead-like pieces or hourglass figures were all particularly common. As a result these lamps are still popular today for retro home décor.


Round Desk Lamps

Orb-like desk lamps were a stylish solution for trendy individuals. Students or young professionals in particular added these to their bedroom or study. With the bright and bold coloured heads, the lamps looked very practical and modern at the time. Plastic and metal were newer materials for lamp designers, bringing lamps up to date with the advances in technology and industry.


Bell Lamps


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Taking lamps to a further industrial level, bell lamps were often used in kitchens and dining areas. The metal or plastic bell-shaped lamp would create a centre piece in a room, often hanging over a dining table or work surface. Some homes preferred just the single but larger bell lamps, but having a few hanging lamps became a decorative way to solve lighting solutions. Exposed and hanging bulbs are working their way back into home décor trends now, providing a modern twist to this older idea.


Patterned Lampshades

The 60 and 70s were alive with patterns, from floral compilations to geometrical or abstract artworks. Designs were kept bold and brash, tending to stick with oranges, browns and greens. As a result of these colour trends, home would often be decorated with wallpaper of these colourful designs. Lampshades too took on this trend, adding pops of colour to a room.


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